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Q. What is the purpose of the club?

The purpose of Sole Sisters is to provide fun, structured and safe runs for women of all ability levels.

Q. Is Sole Sisters a fully affiliated club?

Yes, we are an England Athletics affiliated running group. There are numerous benefits to be had through affiliation; the most important is that, we as members are insured against third party accidents when training/during races and fun runs.  Another benefit is that as an affiliated athlete you pay the reduced fee on all UK athletics permitted races.



Q. I have never run before. Can I join?

Yes! We stage a beginner’s course for ladies who are new to running or who are returning after a long period of rest/illness/injury. Courses run three times a year. Further details.


Q. Do I need to get fit before I come along?

No, our beginners course is designed to help your fitness, however we do advise that you consult your doctor before undertaking any serious training if you have any of the following conditions:   High blood pressure, Heart disease, Circulatory problems, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Asthma, Back pain, Overweight, Underweight or any condition that requires regular checks and medication.    Please indicate any medical condition on your membership application form.


Q. I can’t make all your sessions, can I still join?

Yes, there are no minimum requirements with regard to attending sessions.


Q. What are the benefits of becoming a member?

On becoming a member you will enjoy England Athletics affiliation including insurance whilst running and reduced fees on UK permitted races. You will also receive an official Sole Sisters running vest and all the benefits the club offers.


Q. How much is it to join?



To join the beginner's course £15
To become a full member after completing the beginner's course £20
To enrol as a new member withouth completing the beginner's course £35
To renew my yearly membership as an existing member  £17
To attend the Monday night club run as a member £1 per session
To attend the Monday night club run as a guest £2 per session,
maximum of 2 sessions

Q. What age do I need to be to join?

You must be 16 or over to run with us.


Q. Can I try you out before I commit? Do I just turn up or do I need to let someone know I'm coming?

If you wish to join the club, please turn up on the week of your choice (15 minutes prior to run time).  Registration starts at 6.30pm every Monday.  The Club Calendar gives details of where we are running each Monday as locations vary, please click the date you are interested in for further details.

For the first two weeks training you will be deemed as a guest runner, therefore a fee of £2.00 is payable each week. If you would like to join us, we ask you enrol by the third week.


Q. I'm not really into running races can I still join and run to keep fit?  

Of course. We, as an all-women’s running club offer an enjoyable, non-competitive atmosphere where all standards of joggers/runners can partake in our club nights.



Q. Where do you run?

We run from a variety of venues around North Bristol. We have split our venues into Summer & Winter:-

Winter - 1st September to 31st March Summer  - 1st April to 31st August
Baileys Court Avon Riding Centre
Filton Community Centre Lincombe Barn
Greenfield Centre    Baileys Court
Patchway Sports & Social Club Filton Community Centre



Q. What time & days does the club meet?

We run every Monday at 7pm (sharp).  It is advisable that you arrive at our meeting place at least 15 minutes prior to the run time in order to register your attendance.  This is required for insurance and safety purposes.  Club notices will start at 6.50pm, registration starts at 6.30pm. Please click the website tab calendar for each week's venue and click the date you are interested in attending for more information. 

We also meet informally at other times throughout the week. Details of such runs are made available to our members on a weekly basis. Please contact us for more details.


Q. How far and fast do you run?

Our Monday club night usually sees the following groups going out:-

3 Mile
4 Mile
5 Mile
6 Mile

Every few weeks we also offer some interval training.

Q. Do you run in bad weather?

In the event of bad weather, the following contingency plans are in place:
  • If running conditions transpire on the day to be dangerous underfoot then we will endeavour to contact as many members as possible for that evening (if in doubt please check our website, Facebook or Twitter accounts).
  • If we are unable to contact every member then a committee member will attend the meeting place to advise anyone who attends. 
  • If the weather doesn’t turn particularly sour until the end of the day then we will advise members as they arrive that the run is off.
  • Usually we will not cancel the run if it is cold, raining or snowing however if it is particularly icy then we will make a decision accordingly.


Q. Do you do track work?

Not currently however we plan routes both on and off road to keep your running interesting!


Q. Who organises the runs?

Each group is assigned, where possible at least 2 coaches.  One is the lead coach informing you of your route for the evening, the other coach is there to assist with the safe management of the run. 

At the start of the run the lead coach will advise the route and where the re-grouping points will be.

If you find yourself at the front of the group and do not know where you are going you must stop and await the lead coaches' instructions.  Failure to do so will not only find you lost but running outside of our insurance.

If however you wish to continue to run, double back (cherry pick) and meet the main group.  You must always run to the re-grouping point and wait the lead coach advice to ensure that you are all accounted for and it is safe to continue.

Q. What if I feel unwell whilst out running?

If you have given blood or feel unwell 48 hours prior to club evenings we advise you not to attend. If you feel unwell during our run, please advise the closest person to you who will then inform one of the coaches assigned to the group.



Q. Do I need any special gear?

No, a pair of ordinary trainers will do for a start, but after a while it may be worth getting some advice from a specialist running shop. You will probably want to think about buying a running bra as well.


Q. Can I use headphones?

Although the use of headphones during a club run is not banned, we prefer members do not wear them.  However if you cannot run without one, we urge you to only wear one earphone, this will ensure that directions, instructions from other runners and traffic can be heard at all times.


Q. Do I get any discounts as a Sole Sister?

As a Sole Sister you can, on production of your membership card, get a discount at the following stores -

Up and Running



Q. I’m having problems with my shoes

Take a look at these top tips from one of our experienced coaches

Q. Do you have any strengthening exercises?

Take a look at these exercises for running.


Q. Does Sole Sisters offer members places in races such as the London Marathon? 

As an affiliated club we are offered guaranteed club places for this particular race.  The number of places awarded depends on the total number of members for the year.

As we are experiencing a record number of entries to the ballot and under the Virgin sponsorship of the Marathon the club will only receive a maximum of 3 places it was felt that more favourable criteria should be set to give more people the opportunity of experiencing this once in a lifetime opportunity and the criteria is as follows:-

  • You must have been a member of Sole Sisters since the marathon of the preceding year of your entry;
  • Hold a rejection slip from the London Marathon ballot;
  • Have attended club evenings at least once per month for 10 months during the Marathon year  (the committee will take into consideration any non attendance due to injury);
  • Have not competed in the London Marathon prior to this ballot application, either by official ballot, charity place or club place;
  • If the club do not have the required number of applications for a Sole Sisters Club Marathon place then all members that hold a rejection slip will be included in the club ballot.
  • The committee’s decision of eligibility for the guaranteed Sole Sisters club places is final.

We do encourage members, if they really want to run the marathon in a specific year, to try to obtain a charity place as well as entering through the marathon ballot.    However, if successful, this will preclude you from any future guaranteed club ballot places.

Q. Do you have any social events?

We organise social evenings where all members are welcome.  We also have a large contact list of members who may not be able to attend each training night, but still like to be kept informed.


Q. How do I contact the club?

Please email us at, fill in our enquiry form or message us via Facebook or Twitter.