Our Coaches

Sole Sisters is a friendly, supportive club and we want all members, old or new, to feel welcome.

If you are new to running and need some coaching, you will be able to work with one of the following coaches – who have kindly provided information about themselves.


For a couple of years I just read (and did nothing else) about the Sole Sister’s ad in the local Bradley Stoke magazine. During that time I was doing little exercise and doubting my fitness ability to even join a running group. I remember thinking, on the first Monday evening I joined the Beginners course – is this really going to work out for me?

 Well it certainly did work!  It was lovely to meet other ladies, also keen to improve their fitness. During the six week course, we worked, not only to improve our fitness, but to encourage one another in friendship. That was six years ago!

 Since then, I have entered the Bristol 10 k runs, but still prefer Monday “ Sole Sister” evenings, running about 6.2 k (4 miles) with friends.

 Last year I trained to be a coach with Bristol Athletics, as a way of supporting the club and doing my bit to help out. I am not the best runner, but enjoy planning the routes, and it’s great to see ladies turn up and take part, ensuring the future of the club. It is keeping me fit and active, and it is helping others as well to improve their health and be encouraged to keep on going.

 I love the running, and being a coach is a real privilege.



I have been running with Sole Sisters since 2017. This followed a long break from running. I initially joined the three mile group, but progressed to five miles. 

The club has been immensely supportive to me. In 2022, I decided to undertake coach training.  This was a direct result of the club’s influence on my life. I wanted to give something back. I now take one of the four mile groups out on a Monday night with another colleague. I find it rewarding to support people who are new to running, or are at different stages of running. I am also a member of the Sole Sisters committee, seeking ways to enhance the club and the experience for its  members. 



I started a couch to 5k running on my own on a evening as I was embarrassed that someone would see me I had heard of Sole Sisters and eventually plucked up the courage to join the Beginners course in January 2016 and it was one of the best things I have done. I have made some wonderful friends and running with others is not only safer but more fun. Since I joined Sole Sisters I have entered at least 20 10k races and have ran 5 Half Marathons. The Club were looking for more coaches and I signed up and did the England Athletics Course as I wanted to encourage as many ladies as possible to try running , I have got so much from it myself not only the fitness and company but also the Mental Health benefit . No one is too old or slow or the wrong size give running a go you will be made very welcome. 



I started running in my early 30s and ran my first half marathon in 2004 (Bristol).  After running the London Marathon in 2012 I joined Sole sisters to train with other ladies preparing for marathons and since completed Brighton, the first and only Bristol to Bath Marathon, as well as many half marathons, 10ks and have thrown a good number of triathlons in the mix too.

I’ve made some fabulous life long friends at Sole sisters where a love for running and drinking wine (in that order!) has been a common theme.

You will usually find me covering the 5 or 6 mile group as and when required. 



I started my running journey by completing Race for Life. In 2007 my husband entered us both into the Bath Half Marathon as a wedding anniversary present – different! Shortly after completing the Bath Half I joined Sole Sisters in 2008, and have since completed lots of half marathons, six full marathons including the Virtual London in 2020 and the real thing with a Sole Sisters ballot place in 2011. In 2021 I completed Race to the Stones (60 miles along the Ridgeway).  

I am joint Event Director for the proposed Three Brooks parkrun. 

As well as running you will find me out on my bike and open water swimming. 

I organise the league with Adele. I started coaching in 2022 and generally you will find me in the five mile group. 



Having become a coach in 2022 you will usually find me taking the Beginner’s group or coaching in the 3-mile group. 

I started running by doing Couch  to 5k but once I completed this I lacked the motivation to keep running alone.  So in 2016 I pulled on my big girl pants and plucked up the courage to walk through the door for the Sole Sisters Beginners Course and the rest, as they say, is history. 

I’ve have ran several 5ks and 10ks.  I moan the whole way  around obviously, but the support I get from my Sole Sisters family is amazing!   I’ve made some of my closest friends at SS and I love being part of this wonderful club ! 


I used to coach in the 3 mile group and I  help with the beginners, I love seeing the beginners in week one and then watch them progress each week, it is also great seeing them go through all the groups and then some of them going on to run London Half marathon.

I have ran the Great North, Great South and Bath Half marathon plus a few 10Ks in the past.

I currently take out the walking group which seems to get bigger by the week, it has been great having people walk every week and people joining us from time to time who are coming back from injuries, it has been a great addition to be able to offer this as well.



I began running with Sole Sisters in 2013 when I joined one of the beginners groups. I had never been a runner and cross country at school was never something I enjoyed.

I have completed 2 half marathons, several 10k races and recently completed my Leader in Running Fitness course. I often run on a Saturday morning which I love, there are some fab places around Bristol we visit!

I feel honoured to wear my Coach’s vest of a Monday night and encourage and offer advice to so many fab sisters and to contribute to such a fab club. I am also a member of the Sole Sisters committee and 10k committee.

Jo S

 I hadn’t been particularly sporty at school but felt I needed to focus on becoming healthier & fitter which led me to join the beginners course back in 2008. I fell in love with club nights & running with different women who became friends. 

I was approached in 2010 to become a coach & so completed my training, this was a catalyst to me enjoying running more & pushed me to step out of my comfort zone & enter my first 10k race. This has since led on to me completing numerous 10k’s, 7 half marathons, various other races & the iconic London marathon with the support & encouragement from the club.

You will mainly find me in the 3 & 4 mile groups but occasionally I will brave the 5’s.

 It’s a great to be a part of such a successful club that embraces all abilities & ages.

 Within the club I sit on the main committee holding the role of Lead Coach & Welfare Officer as well as being on the 10K committee.

Karen G

I always hated PE and running at school so when I was at a New Year’s Eve party and my neighbours suggested joining Soles Sisters I just went along with the idea, thinking they would not remember in the morning!  Well, they did, so I found myself being dragged along to the January 2006 beginner’s group!
Even though I was always at the back of the group I found I actually enjoyed running in a group and looked forward to the following weeks.
You will find me in the 3 mile group as this is where I feel most comfortable, however, I  have run The Great South,  The Great North plus a couple of other half marathons and 10k’s.

Within the club I hold the role of Club Secretary as well as being on the 10K committee.

I have me some of my closest friends at Sole Sisters and I love being part of this wonderful club


I joined Sole Sisters soon after the club formed in 2000 when there were 15-20 runners who ran each week. When the committee formed that year I was appointed as the treasurer and has remained on the committee supporting the club chair ever since. I ran my first full marathon in 2009, and has since taken part in SIX marathons, as well as 3-4 half marathons each year.   I recently ran the NYC Marathon after successfully getting a ballot place – it is the most awesome running experience I have ever had and would recommend it to anyone.   Running is my addiction, but I like to balance it with baking and caking!  

I am a member of the club committee and Sole Sisters Chair.

Sarah B

I joined the club in 2003 and in 2014 I became Chair for the Bradley Stoke 10K run that forms an important part of the Bradley Stoke Festival.    I have completed lots of half marathons and did the London Marathon in 2008.  This year I am trying to complete a 10K race every month.   You can generally find me in one of the 6 mile groups.  

I am also a member of the club committee.


I have always run regularly although usually by myself. Following moving to Bristol and having my second child my motivation to run was low. Joining Sole Sisters has helped me to enjoy running again, regain my fitness, meet new people and find lots of fantastic routes in the area! There are so many times I wouldn’t have gone out (weather, tiredness, etc) but have done because I knew others would be there and not once have regretted it.

I recently did my Run Leaders course and enjoy planning routes to run with Sole Sisters on a Monday night in the company of lovely ladies! I have my running mojo back and hope to help others enjoy running too. 

If you have any questions at all

The next Beginners course will start on 8th January 2024! See the Join Us section for further details

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