Our Coaches

Sole Sisters is a friendly, supportive club and we want all members, old or new, to feel welcome.

If you are new to running and need some coaching, you will be able to work with one of the following coaches – who have kindly provided information about themselves.


I began running with Sole Sisters in 2013 when I joined one of the beginners groups. I had never been a runner and cross country at school was never something I enjoyed.

I have completed 2 half marathons, several 10k races and recently completed my Leader in Running Fitness course. I often run on a Saturday morning which I love, there are some fab places around Bristol we visit!

I feel honoured to wear my Coach’s vest of a Monday night and encourage and offer advice to so many fab sisters and to contribute to such a fab club. I am also a member of the Sole Sisters committee and 10k committee.

Jo R

I gave up smoking in 2009 but the weight started to go on so me and my daughter decided to do the 2010 Bristol 10K …. we did it and loved it!   I then joined Sole Sisters, did the London Marathon in 2014 and have done a few half marathons too.  My nick name at club is Jo “the routes” becuase I love mapping out new places to run (even though we sometimes get lost – it’s always a great adventure and fun!)

Jo S

I joined the club through the beginners course in 2006 and went on to qualify as a coach in 2010. I have recently become the lead coach/co-ordinator. Generally you will see me in the 4 or 5 mile groups. 2014 saw me complete 2 half marathons and I am hoping to complete my first marathon in April 2015.   

I am also a member of both the club committee & the 10k committee.

Karen G

I always hated PE and running at school so when I was at a New Year’s Eve party and my friends suggested joining Soles Sisters I just went along with the idea, thinking they would not remember in the morning!  Well, they did, so I found myself being dragged along to the January 2006 beginner’s group!

Even though I was always at the back of the group I found I actually enjoyed running in a group and looked forward to the following weeks.

You will always find me in the steady four mile group as this is where I feel most comfortable, however I  have run The Great South,  several 10K races and 2 half marathons.  

I am a member of the club committee.


I have been running with the club for the past three years in which time I have run two London Marathons, and numerous half marathons. I have recently become a coach and goes out with the Monday 5 or 6 mile groups.


I joined Sole Sisters soon after the club formed in 2000 when there were 15-20 runners who ran each week. When the committee formed that year I was appointed as the treasurer and has remained on the committee supporting the club chair ever since. I ran my first full marathon in 2009, and has since taken part in SIX marathons, as well as 3-4 half marathons each year.   I recently ran the NYC Marathon after successfully getting a ballot place – it is the most awesome running experience I have ever had and would recommend it to anyone.   Running is my addiction, but I like to balance it with baking and caking!  

I am a member of the club committee and Sole Sisters Chair.


I joined the beginners group in May 2013 having never done any running before only what was needed at school. I have now completed several 10K’s and one half marathon. I love running now and have recently completely a coaching course, I help with the beginners and the 4 & 5 mile groups.  

I am a member of the club committee.


I joined one of our beginner’s classes and have recently become a coach. I usually run with the 4 & 5 mile groups and completed my first marathon in April 2014. 

I am also a member of the committee and has been the BS10K Chair a number of times.

Sarah B

I joined the club in 2003 and in 2014 I became Chair for the Bradley Stoke 10K run that forms an important part of the Bradley Stoke Festival.    I have completed lots of half marathons and did the London Marathon in 2008.  This year I am trying to complete a 10K race every month.   You can generally find me in one of the 6 mile groups.  

I am also a member of the club committee.


I started running as a complete beginner about 12 years ago.  Although I will never be a fast runner I have completed many 10k races over the years and was eventually brave enough to start entering half marathons.  As a committee member I am currently responsible for booking venues for our club runs.

If you have any questions at all